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We have made an effort to include only sites that are generated by the author/illustrator him or herself or in some cases by an individual fan of the author/illustrator's work. If you wish to search for all sites about a particular author or illustrator, including publisher sites, we suggest you utilize Google for your search.
The author links are now divided into four sections -- because of the size of the files.  So click on the first letter of the author/illustrator's last name and you should be taken to the proper page.  Thanks for visiting.
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  • Van Allsburg, Chris
  • Van Leewuwen, Jean
  • Vega, Denise
  • Vestergaard, Hope
  • Wadsworth, Ginger
  • Wayland, April Halprin
  • Walton, Rick
  • Wells, Rosemary
  • Werlin, Nancy
  • Wheeler, Lisa
  • Whitesel, Cheryl
  • Whitman, Jim
  • Wilhelm, Hans
  • Willems, Mo
  • Williams, Suzanne
  • Wing, Natasha
  • Winters, Kay
  • Winthrop, Elizabeth
  • Wood, Audrey
  • Wood, Don
  • Wooding, Chris
  • Woodson, Jacqueline
  • Wojciechowski, Susan
  • Wolff, Ashley

  • Yolen, Jane
  • Yorinks, Adrienne
  • Zalben, Jane Breskin

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