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We have several authors and illustrators who enjoy meeting and speaking with readers about their work, and about reading and writing.
If you are interested in inviting an author/illustrator to visit your community in person, or via Skype please contact McBookwords.


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Sharron McElmeel

Sharron McElmeel

Sharron McElmeel is a veteran educator with experience as a classroom teacher, elementary and secondary library media specialist, conference speaker, and a college instructor.
Currently McElmeel is the director of McBookwords, an author, and an instructor of Children's and Young Adult Literature at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. She is a noted  literacy consultant and columnist.  In the past decades she has been designated as Iowa Reading Teacher of the Year and later received the Iowa Reading Association's State Literacy Award in recognition of her lifelong efforts to build literacy and literature appreciation in the community. She has also been named in the Innovative Teaching Newsletter as one of the top 10 online educators of 2004.  Her columns appear regularly in Library Sparks.
McElmeel's first book, An Author a Month (for Pennies) defined the "author study" resource book which was quickly emulated by other publishers.  Her more than 30  titles for educators focusing on the creators of books for young readers (preS-YA) and on literature and reading have become staples in professional libraries.  Her most recent title is Picture That! From Mendel to Normandy: Picture Books and Ideas, Curriculum and Connections—for 'T'weens and Teens.
She and her husband live on an acreage that clings to the edge of a small rural community in northeast Iowa, where they enjoy visits from their four sons and two daughters and a dozen or so grandchildren.  Guests who stay over in the Beatrix Potter room are invited to sign the guest book; and children of all ages are encouraged to explore the more than 50 book shelves filled with favorite and recent titles.

Sharron McElmeel has authored more than 35 titles and her books continue to be innovative resources for educators who wish to integrate literature into the core standards, and into every corner of the curriculum.
For complete information about current and backlist titles visit her writing page on the web.
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