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We have several authors and illustrators who enjoy meeting and speaking with readers about their work, and about reading and writing.
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Nicole Rubel

Nicole Rubel

Nicole Rubel was raised in Coral Gables, Florida where she was surrounded by uniquely colorful images -- some of which inspired the images for her uniquely colorful illustrations in her many children's books.

She earned her undergraduate degree in fine arts from the Boston Museum School in association with Tufts University.  It was while in Boston that she met and collaborated with Jack Gantos in developing the first Rotten Ralph book.  That first book earned her recognition with the Children's Book Showcase Award for Outstanding Graphic Design.  Since then she has illustrated and authored many other titles, including numerous books featuring her delightful red cat, Rotten Ralph.
Nicole lives in Oregon, with her husband, a cat, a dog, two horses, and sheep — on Red Cat Farm where visitors to their home have been welcomed by a large image of Rotten Ralph, created by a local artisan who used a chain saw to carve the image from a tree trunk.

Nicole is available to speak to all age groups from preschool to adults.  Her successful presentations about books and art serve to inspire and motivate readers, writers, and artists.

Rubel has created the illustrations for each of the books in the Rotten Ralph series, along with many books that she has both authored and illustrated Ham and Pickle's First Day of School, Ernestine the Cowboy, Twice As Nice: What It's Like to Be a Twin, and a novel that seems to have been inspired by her own childhood, Hot and Cold in Miami. Download these resources:
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