I, Vivaldi
by Janice Shefelman with illustrations by Tom Shefelman
Eerdman, 2008


The illustrator, Tom Shefelman, is an architect in Texas. His interest in buildings began when he was nine and was given a set of Compton’s Picture Encyclopedia.  One of the pictures was of the Temple of Karnak on the  Nile River.  When he was much older he decided to become an architect. His fascination with buildings seem to show through to his children’s book illustrations.  In I, Vivaldi Shefelman includes many buildings and structures in his illustrations.  Compare the illustrations with these found photographs.

Link to another book about Vivaldi. (Vivaldi's Four Seasons by Anna Harwell Celenza).

Church of San Marco (Venice)

Illustration of Vivaldi watching the gondoliers moving their gondolas along the canal

Illustration of the seaside skyline of Venice Italy

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