Science Magic:
a Few Tricks and Books too

Invisible Ink
How to  make invisible  ink -- Use these instructions to make invisible ink and develop a "show" that uses this knowledge to create a "magic" trick.

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Find information, below, about Magic Chalk, color magic, and books about science experiments.

Magic Chalk
Making chalk that will write invisible messages on the chalk board—and then appear "magically."
 Use chalk that is as pourous as you can get (cheapest chalk is usually the most pourous).
 In a saucepan heat and stir - 

  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1 cup sugar
  • Once the sugar has desolved you have supersaturated sugar water.
    Use a small jar (a junior baby food jar works well) and put several sticks of chalk into it.  Fill the jar with the sugar water.   The chalk will NOT  dissolve.  Let sit for several hours so the water can soak into the chalk.

    When you are ready to use the chalk take out a stick, put it near the chalk board and when you are ready write your message on the chalk board.  The writing will, at first, be invisible but as the "chalk" dries on the board it will be come visible.  The chalk should be replaced in the jar so it stays relatively moist, for use again at sometime in the future.

    Color Magic
    Bread -- from white to purple and back again.  When iodine is mixed  with starch the chemical reaction causes the starch to turn a deep purple.  When that same spot is saturated with fruit juice that is enriched with vitamin C the spot disappears.

    Obtain "tincture of iodine" from the drug store.  Put a slice of bread on a white paper towel --drop some of the iodine onto a slice of white bread.  The spot  will turn a bright purple - later pour some vitamin C enriched juice (white grape - you can pass it off as water) and the spot will disappear.

    Science Experiments (Tricks) that can be REAL magic.

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