Sports Books and Other Connections
(featuring books by Fred Bowen)
Fred Bowen has created the AllStar Sport Story (Series) from Peachtree Publishers.   Each book stands alone as a superbly plotted sports tale which incorporates an element inspired by a well-known sports figure.  A final non-fiction chapter appended as the final chapter details the inspiration and provides information about the topic.  The final chapters include information about Honus Wagner, Rick Barry, Iowa's 6 on 6 women's basketball, USCL Basketball, famous players who did not make their high school team on the first try, Rip Sewell, and Christy Mathewson.

The Golden Glove (1996)

Honus Wagner – Member of Baseball’s hall of fame who used a glove with neither a web nor a pocket

Baseball:  Jamie loses first  his lucky glove and then his confidence.

Off the Rim (1998)
A six-on-six Iowa basketball player who was a standout defensive player
Women’s basketball: Michael wants desperately to be a standout player and learns the importance of being a defensive player.

On the Line (1999)
NBA star Rick Barry and his famous “granny shot”
Baseball: When a fly ball drops out of Kyle’s glove he quickly picks it up and pretends he has caught it. A protest hearing is held and Kyle must tell his story. And does he?

Full Court Fever (1998)
The UCLA men’s basketball team (in the 1960s) that compensated for their team’s short stature by using the full-court press.
Basketball:  The players on Michael’s seventh grade  basketball team are short – they must devise a strategy that gives them a chance at being winners.

The Final Cut (1999)
Author’s note relates information about several basketball players such as Michael Jordan who did not make their high school basketball team on their first try.
Basketball:  Four friends try out for the school team. Two make the cut and two do not.

T.J.’s Secret Pitch (1996)
Rip Sewell, a pitcher with a physical disability created the “eephus” (sometimes called a blooper) to give him an edge as a pitcher.
Baseball:  The smallest player on the team discovers and uses the “eephus” pitch to give him an edge as a pitcher.

Playoff Dreams (1997)
Ernie Banks set the record for playing he most major league ball games without ever being on a team that made it to the playoffs.
Baseball:  Brendan is a crackerjack center fielder -- on a team that has a difficult time winner.  A visit to the Cubs ballpark wit his

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